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Who We Are

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The Crypto Bootcamp Community is Africa's premier blockchain community dedicated to driving blockchain mainstream. We have established a robust community that advocates for the inclusion of more individuals in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem through an unparalleled approach to blockchain education.
As a community, we are fully fitted and primed to become a leading facilitator of crypto adoption and innovative tech ideas within Africa and beyond.
We aim to redefine the global digital economy by making blockchain and crypto easy, spearheading blockchain development and lowering barrier entries while paving the way for all strata of society to harness the benefits of this cutting-edge industry.

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What We Do

At Crypto Bootcamp Community, we promote Blockchain and Crypto Education. Our platform is designed to help individuals seamlessly learn and understand the concept of crypto, blockchain technology, Web3 and digital finesse, with simple yet relevant and highly engaging courses and content.
Our objective is to help people get familiar with blockchain and navigate through the industry without any hassle.
We also provide top-quality services to emerging blockchain and crypto projects to help them scale up and stay relevant in the industry –services such as Community Building and Management, Product/brand Awareness, Project visibility/Exposure, promotional campaigns, etc.
As a media-active and engaging community, we remain the industry's choice and go-to platform for marketing, brand promotion and project onboarding.

Product/brand Awareness

We provide top-quality product and brand awareness packages.

Community building

Providing services to help emerging crypto projects scale up and stay relevant in the industry.

Blockchain technology

Helping individuals understand the concept of Web3 digital finesse.

Project visibility/Exposure

CBC is the industry's choice and go-to platform for marketing.

Promotional campaigns

We provide top-quality and highly impactful promotional campaigns for digital products.

Crypto Education

we provide top quality courses Crypto Education for starters and intermediates.

Why Us?

With 10,000+ community members across the continent, we pride ourselves on our ability to create a platform that supports growth and personal development. Over the last two years, we have earned ourselves, an enviable track record in the blockchain industry and the global digital economy.
We have our prints in major cities across Africa including Capetown, Kampala, Dubai, Accra, Nairobi, Abuja, and Lagos, among a plethora of others, having empowered, through our educational programs, over 5000 thousand persons in these cities who are now actively engaged in crypto trading and blockchain-related jobs on their journeys to become industry-leading experts.


CBC community

Crypto Bootcamp Community is a Blockchain and Crypto Education Platform/Community, with special focus on: Blockchain Development, Crypto Trading and Investment, High-income skills training. For the Global Digital Economy, Business Technology, Blockchain/Crypto industry

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Crypto Ladies League

Crypto Ladies League represents an association of women in the blockchain industry seeking to create an ecosystem that connects women within and beyond the borders of Africa in the tech space, promote the awareness of crypto, and also foster mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and its numerous use cases.

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Blockchain Teen Club

The Blockchain Teens Club is a platform that seeks to expose teenagers to the digital skills and opportunities embedded in the blockchain industry.

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CoinZone is the trading arm of CBC. We provide the best guides on trading and investing in cryptocurrencies with detailed classes on Fundamental and Technical Analysis, Spot and futures Trading, DeFi ,NFTs and Portfolio management. Get unlimited trading signals on coins and tokens from solid Crypto projects, NFTs, and DeFi.

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